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To address both the emotional and financial implications of cyber bullying, we launched Cyber Insurance , which includes cyber bullying cover among other benefits. Harassment is an ongoing, consistent and intentional form of cyber bullying, which involves the cyber bully sending abusive, threatening and malicious messages to your child or a group of children. Similar to harassment is flaming. This involves posting insults on social media, which are often filled with offensive language and profanity.

Exclusion is the act of deliberately leaving a child out. This can occur in various ways, on and offline, including:.

How to Help Kids Deal With Cyberbullying | Child Mind Institute

This is when a cyber bully creates a false identity with the intention of anonymously harassing someone online. Catfishing involves the creation and use of a fake online profile with the intent to lure people into a relationship, often romantic, through a process of deception. The aim of outing is to publicly humiliate your child by sharing private, sensitive or embarrassing content without their consent.

This is when the cyber bully sends or posts cruel comments about your child online with the aim of destroying their self-confidence, damaging their reputation and threatening their friendships. Trickster cyber bullies will falsely befriend your child to gain their trust, getting them to share embarrassing details and secrets, and then share this information online or send it to other people. This refers to the exchange of sexually explicit photos, videos or messages, usually via messaging apps on cell phones.

Sexting is not only illegal but can have severe, far-reaching effects. If a cyber bully shares this content online, this could not only embarrass your child and ruin their reputation, it could impact their future e. Revenge porn is typically shared by a past sexual partner who aims to publically humiliate the victim. It is vital however that you are also well versed in the signs of cyber bullying and what you can do to stop cyber bullying from affecting your child, and addressing it if it does.


Preparation is as important as education when it comes to cyber bullying. In many cyber bullying cases, decisive legal action must be taken to stop the abuse and bring the perpetrators to justice. The emotional and financial implications of this process can be devastating. Find out more about all the benefits of Cyber Insurance here. Get the updates and information that help women navigate the demands of their world delivered to you.

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Physical fights, bullying, disrupt education globally of million Violence is an unforgettable lesson that no child needs to learn. What is cyberbullying and what can parents do in preventing cyberbullying from happening? Many parents give their child free reign on all electronic devices, especially as they grow up. College girl sets herself on fire in broad daylight Nation. Teach your kids how valuable these devices are, and to keep them close. Click with caution Whether subtle or bold, phishing is dangerous.

One careless click is all it takes for malicious software to get into devices and wreak havoc. Talk to your kids about not automatically clicking on links in emails. Show them how to hover your mouse over the link to make sure it is going to a reputable address. Spelling mistakes, odd emails from popular companies, and threatening messages urging quick action are some of the telltale signs of a phishing email designed to install malware on your device.

The Parent’s Guide to Cyberbullying

When in doubt, do not click on the link. Fortunately, most high-quality antivirus software, like Norton Security, will catch these phony emails before they come to you. Teach your kids to protect accounts with strong, unique passwords that use a combination of at least 10 upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers to confuse password-stealing bots that scour the Web.

If your children have accounts, check their privacy settings. Change settings to the highest level of privacy. You never know who is snooping around their social media profiles. Some friend requests come from bots that will spam friends lists. There are many risks that come with social accounts, but stalking and bullying are two very real dangers that can haunt kids online and off. Publicly broadcasting your location is not the safest thing to do.

Be a good online citizen Remember, the Internet is forever. So anything said online stays online. Nothing really gets deleted, not even on Snapchat. Unfortunately, since the Internet is the new playground, bullying can plague children offline and on.

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Teach your children to practice good online etiquette and to never say mean things. Instead, they should be kind and not participate in negative posts. Let them know that the law protects cyberbullying victims, so they should tell you if they are being cyberbullied or know someone who is. All of these are essential cyber safety skills, but kids are kids and mistakes can happen. Norton Security Premium is a great solution for securing the devices in your home. It comes with award-winning parental controls and a wide range of features to help your kids explore the digital world safely.

In most cases, what children really need are help and guidance. The following rules may help:. Finally, keep computers in common areas of the house so monitoring can occur more easily and naturally. Restrict incoming communication with the use of software or programs designed to filter out bad or unknown internet users. But remember, filtering software is not perfect. Our children are savvy. We cannot rely solely upon outside programs to keep them safe.

They need our guidance and vigilance.

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  4. We as parents need to be alert to the possibility that our child is being cyber-bullied. If you think your child is being bullied, talk to your child in a clear, straightforward, and honest way about the situation. Your child needs to know you and other trusted adults are strong sources of support and help. Children and teens need help preventing further abuse before a situation gets out of control.

    Kids need to be reminded that spreading hurtful messages to others will only cause the problem to escalate. Screen shots of the materials posted should be taken, or email and instant messages should be saved. The internet can be educational and fun. With open communication, rules, and awareness, we as parents can also help keep it safe.

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