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Gates of Shadow Shadow Fight 2. Ships Graveyard Shadow Fight 2. Halls of the Dead Heroes Shadow Fight 2. Monastery Shadow Fight 2. Dao Temple Shadow Fight 2. Sakura Forest Shadow Fight 2. Deep Shadow Fight 2. Underworld Pass Shadow Fight 2. Underworld Demon Shadow Fight 2. Crystal Dungeon Shadow Fight 2.

Stone Dragon Shadow Fight 2. SkyIsles Shadow Fight 2. Epic Titan Fight Shadow Fight 2. Raids Room Shadow Fight 2. Ancient Evil Shadow Fight 2. Fatum Shadow Fight 2. Rats Underworld Shadow Fight 2. Lord of the Lies Shadow Fight 2. War Shadow Fight 2.

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Christmas Raid Shadow Fight 2. Halloween Raid Shadow Fight 2. Training Room Menu Shadow Fight 2. Dojo Fight Shadow Fight 1. Street Fight Shadow Fight 1. Ambient Bonustrack. Shadow Fight House Mix. Sf3 Legion Dojo. Sf3 Trening Camp. Sf3 Bamboo Forest.

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Sf3 Legion Assassin. Sf3 Hero Jorney. Sf3 Shadow Avenger.

Sf3 Villege Night Fight. Sf3 Night of the Shadows. Sf3 Captain of the Legion.

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Sf3 Dynasty Dojo. Sf3 Dynasty Dojo Fight. Sf3 Street of Schools. Sf3 China Blacksmith. Sf3 in the Shadows. Sf3 Golden Palace. Sf3 Ninja Girl. Sf3 Heralds Dojo. Sf3 Market. Sf3 Ancient Forest. Sf3 Shadow Tample. Fight1 - Samurai Spirit. Fight2 - Blade Dance. Fight3 - Vengeance. Fight4 - Forest of Death. Fight5 - Ninja in the Night.

Fight6 - Sparring. Fight7 - Fat Boss. Fight9 - Master Skills. Fight10 - Black Warrior.

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Fight11 - Ronin. Fight12 - Deadly Smoke. Fight13 - Old Sensei Full. Fight14 - Ship Battle. Fight15 - Shadow Ledy. Fight16 - Flowers Battlefield. Fight17 - Cave.

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Fight18 - Fuji. Fight19 - Volcano.

e-book NightShadow- The Hero Of Dynasty

Fight20 - Bridge to the Uther Side. Fight21 - Lesson in the Dark Room. Fight22 - Clouds Heaven. Fight23 - Burning Town Final Cut.

Fight24 - Ruins Village. Fight25 - Hive. Fight26 - Starship. Fight27 - Factory. Fight28 - Flying Rocks. Fight29 - New Act. Fight30 - Gates of Shadow. Fight31 - Ships Graveyard. Fight32 - Halls of the Dead Heroes. Fight33 - Monastery.

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Fight34 - Dao Temple. Fight35 - Sakura Forest. Fight36 - Deep. Fight37 - Underworld Pass. Fight38 - Underworld Demon. Fight39 - Crystal Dungeon. It was revealed that when Nightshade who post- Crisis now possessed the additional ability of teleportation used her powers to teleport that the process required her to pass through the barren and haunted Land of Nightshades.

Waller gave Nightshade permission to take the team for her personal mission in return for her help in taking down a drug cartel overseas. It was volunteer only, but everyone currently on the team agreed to go with the exception of Captain Boomerang. Bronze Tiger had to take him out, get him drunk, and drag him along unconscious. They entered the Land of Nightshades and discovered that Larry was dead and his body was controlled by the Incubus. It was revealed that June Moone's mysterious and evil "Enchantress" persona was in truth the entity known as the "Succubus". The two entities sought to possess Larry and Eve in order to force the siblings to conceive a child who would be the incarnation of their demonic master.

Enchantress was stripped of her powers when the Succubus left her body to possess Nightshade. The evil entity failed to realize that Nightshade's will was stronger than her brother's, and was destroyed. Nightshade absorbed the Succubus' powers. With the Succubus defeated, Nightshade passively watched as her teammate Deadshot finished the mission, killing the Incubus by shooting the entity in the head. Nightshade was a permanent fixture in the Suicide Squad series, appearing throughout the series run.