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Up to 25 attendees can call into a session from the phone. If the maximum number of dial-in attendees has been reached, nobody else can call in. With this personal PIN, you appear as yourself in the session.

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This PIN is associated with your personal account. Don't share it with anyone. Need a number different from the one provided or want to learn more about the Collaborate teleconference feature?

Creating Sessions

Jump to Collaborate Teleconference. The Blackboard app is designed especially for students to view content and participate in courses and is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Users join a Collaborate Ultra session from the Blackboard app, if a link is provided within a course. After selecting the link, the session opens in your mobile device browser.

What are sessions?

Skip to main content. Meet with your instructor and classmates online. From a weblink : Your moderator has sent you a link to join the session. Open the link in your computer or mobile browser. Blackboard Collaborate is at the top of the screen. It mentions what session you are joining and there is a place for you to type your name. User: My favorite color is blue Alexa sends the skill the FavoriteColorIntent with the favoriteColor slot set to "blue".

The skill responds with text to speak and a session attribute with the key favoriteColor and the value "blue". Alexa: I now know your favorite color is blue. User: What was that color again? Alexa sends the skill the WhatsMyColorIntent intent. The request includes the favoriteColor session attribute.

Session formats

The skill retrieves this attribute to build the response. Alexa: Your favorite color is blue.

Support The Session

The Alexa Skills Kit SDKs provide an AttributesManager to add session attributes to your response, and then retrieve the attributes from an incoming request. This example shows how an intent handler can save data into the session attributes.

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In this example, the FavoriteColorIntent has a single, required slot called favoriteColor. The intent is configured with auto-delegation, so Alexa prompts the user to fill the slot if the user does not provide a value initially. Copy code Copied to clipboard. Note that the sessionAttributes object includes the favoriteColor attribute:. This example shows how an intent handler can access data from the session attributes. In this example, the WhatsMyColorIntent has no slots. It retrieves previously set data from the session attributes to respond.

If the data doesn't yet exist because the user invoked this intent before invoking FavoriteColorIntent , the handler uses the Dialog. ElicitSlot directive to invoke FavoriteColorIntent and prompt for the missing data. Note the values in session.

Start a PHP Session

For example, a quiz game skill might need attributes to keep track of the current state of the game, the user's current score, and the correct answer to the question that was just asked. In this example, the quizitem attribute represents the correct answers to the current question. For a full sample skill that illustrates more complex session attributes for game state, see Quiz game sample skill.

Session attributes exist while the session is open.

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Once the session ends, any attributes associated with that session are lost. If your skill needs to remember data across multiple sessions, you need to save that data in persistent storage such as DynamoDB or S3. You can use the userId provided in each request to identify the user. The userId for a given user is generated when the user enables your skill in the Alexa app. Every subsequent request from that user to your skill contains the same userId unless the user disables the skill.

For a sample skill that illustrates persisting user attributes, see High Low Game.

Alexa Skills Kit. Manage the Skill Session and Session Attributes Your skill can keep the skill session open to conduct a back-and-forth interaction with the user. Lifecycle of a skill session How devices with screens affect the skill session Save data during the session Save data between sessions Related topics Lifecycle of a skill session A skill session begins when a user invokes your skill and Alexa sends your skill a request.

What happens next depends on the value of the shouldEndSession parameter in your skill's response : true — The session ends. If not currently queued, the value is 0. Incremented for each wait. A zero value means the session is currently waiting. Session serial number. Address of the process that owns the session.

Command in progress last statement parsed ; for a list of values, see Table The column contents are invalid if the value is Address of lock waiting for; null if none. Child number of the SQL statement that is currently being executed.