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I love this investment vehicle. Additionally, if you use the money for qualified purposes, the money comes out tax-free. Sure, plans may provide tax benefits on a state-by-state basis, but for a federal tax reduction, the HSA is the best place to put your money. Any contributions you make are a great way to reduce your taxable income.

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It also benefits your life long-term. Similar to HSAs, Flexible Spending Accounts are savings accounts which allow you to make pre-tax contributions and use the money for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Although the contributions you make to an FSA are not tax deductible, they reduce your taxable income because your contributions are made with pre-tax dollars.

Along with obtaining health insurance and opening an HSA or an FSA, keeping track of your yearly medical expenses could save you tax money. Some years, you may not spend that much money on medical expenses. Yet, other years you may incur significant, unanticipated medical bills. This is why keeping good records and keeping a budget is so important. If you use a good accounting app or software, the program will even isolate your medical expenses for you.

If you keep track of the expenses and work with a good financial planner and accountant, you may be able to deduct those expenditures from your taxable income at the end of the year.

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Maybe your income doubles. What if your revenue decreases? How could you have reduced your taxes last year? Can you implement strategies this year to reduce your taxes before the end of the year? How will those expenses affect your taxable income?

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You and your tax professional may decide that you need to change your income. Along those same lines, deferring income or incurring expenses at the end of the calendar year may also help reduce your tax bill. For example, I know a contractor who could have finished a project the week after Christmas and collected payment in full for the job. Thus, he was able to defer some of his income to the next year. Other clients of mine pay business bills a little bit early to reduce their taxable income. For instance, in December, you can go ahead and pay bills that are coming due in early January. Remember, you are not a tax expert.

Your tax advisor is. Your tax advisor should. If you start working with your tax advisor early in the year, he or she can help you maximize your tax-deductible business expenses. Maybe you can claim some travel expenses as business expenses if you combine a personal vacation with business travel. Perhaps there are more home office deductions you can take than you realized. Whatever the deductions are, be sure you work with an expert who knows the law and the Internal Revenue Code.

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Yes, you want to claim every business deduction possible, but you also want to do so legally. In 4, I mentioned Plans. As of , there are some states in the U. Luebke deliver a guide catered to your entrepreneurial journey as they teach you how to create assets that provide income so work is no longer a requirement, identify money and tax-saving strategies, and address business succession plans to help you transition into the investment phase of business ownership.

If you own or run a small to mid-sized business or if you are a one-man startup, then this book is for you. He makes the boring business of taxes and legal strategies fun to learn. I always learn so many great tips from his podcasts, classes, and books. Give your vagina the love it needs. Pleasure yourself or have someone else pleasure you. Studies have shown that sex generally and orgasms specifically have numerous health benefits. Arousal and orgasm increase blood flow to your vagina, improving its elasticity, lubrication, sensation, and ability to fight off infections.

I often tell my clients that there are six basic things they can do to stay healthy: Eat a healthy diet: lots of fruits and vegetables, not a lot of sugar and simple carbs. Drink plenty of fluids: preferably water instead of sugary drinks or juices.

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Get enough exercise: good for your mood, your bones, your heart. The list goes on!

Reduce stress in your life: set limits, go for a hike, take time to breathe. Get sufficient sleep: essential for giving your body and mind a chance to recharge. Quit smoking: easier said than done, but worth the effort.

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In addition, there are some specific things you can do to keep your vagina happy and healthy: Only use water and your hands to clean your vagina. In general, your vagina cleans itself through normal secretions. In fact, soaps can irritate your vagina and throw your healthy bacteria out of balance. Wipe front to back. Wiping front to back keeps them from moving that direction.